Friday, September 4, 2009

Handmade Nation Weekend

I am so excited for the debut movie of Handmade Nation at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar this Sunday,Sunday,Sunday! The movie is showing at 1:30 and 4:10 with a Q & A to follow with director, Faythe Levine, and several of the films' crafty ladies. There will also be a Craft Bazaar noon-6pm at the movie premier and my very own EtsyAustin team members which are the owners of The Wondercraft,, will be doing craft demos. This event is free to the public. I got my tickets today and I am going to the book signing at Domy Books Sat. night. There is also a Swap and Sew Saturday from 12-6 pm at For a really good calendar of events, check out

This brings me to how I got started with my own craftyness. When I started roller derby, I needed a way to embellish my dress and make it my own. I went to an art show at Gallery Lombardi, (I it is now defunct, which sucks, because it was a great space), in which Jenny Hart was showing her work and selling some patterns.
Amongst her patterns were roller derby girls! BAM! I was hooked and rekindled my love of being crafty and creative.

As you can see, this was my first go at embroidery and not very clean... (especially on stretchy fabric). I am a jewelry artist by trade and love it, but honestly, I have more fun doing my crafts a lot of the time. With my jewelry, I am very type A and very hard on myself. With my crafts there is freedom. Freedom to relax, freedom to make mistakes, freedom to just make. Since then, I have gotten a bit better and have even taught a class.
This is a custom embroidered leather motorcycle seat with a Mexican wrestler mask applique. Getting a little better.

Anywho...go, create, see the movie and be inspired. I know I will!

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